25 June 2017

Family Celebration and Vacation

We are back from vacation and it was fabulous.  Family gathered together all week and celebrated Mandy's Cancer defeat.  We are beyond blessed and thank you GOD every day.  This was a beautiful family time together...GOD is so good!!

14 June 2017

A beautiful Lady

This is our DIL....she is amazing, a wonderful Mom, a wonderful Nurse, a beautiful friend.  I can hardly wait to spend a week with her shortly doing what we love best, being with family and being in the best place in the world, the beach and my home beach at that!  Celebration time for my sweet youngest Granddaughter, CANCER FREE!  God has blessed us and protected us!  God is GREAT!

Counting our blessings....

04 June 2017

Happiness - I bet we could all recommend this article to someone we know!