29 April 2017

Bench Pillow of the Month

Working on my sample for my Bench Pillow of the Month Class - they had a ball!

26 April 2017

It is peach picking time in my peach orchard.  I planted Florida Early Peach Trees so mine are ready in April and May.  Florida developed early ones because it gets so hot there very early and that applies here as well.  I have been making peach cobbler for friends and neighbors and for a retreat that I just cooked for.  Tomorrow I have this basket full to put up.  Lot's of peach cobblers, smoothies, ice cream, etc. in the future!  Happy Peaches!  Pam

25 April 2017

A Taste of New Orleans

Friday Night, our family spent the evening taking the bus to San Antonio to "A Taste of New Orleans".  This was our first time attending and we loved it.  The kids enjoyed the family atmosphere and the food from all the trucks was fabulous.  I could hardly tell I was in San Antonio.  Kudos to Texas!  Amanda played so hard that she was almost sound asleep before we got back to our cars.  I just love the fact that our family spends so much time together and we are so blessed that our sweet granddaughter is doing so well.  Big celebration in the near future with a road trip, awesome vacation and celebration parties in three different states!    We have so much to be thankful and God is always watching over us!  Thank you Jesus! 

We are family!!

16 April 2017

Melt and Blend Technique Demo during Shop Hop

Creative Quilts with your Crayon Box  Terri Kygar - Artist
I am developing a good relationship with her am teaching her methods.
My granddaughter was in my class and was awesome!

Easter Blessings - Grandchildren love

We are so grateful for having them overnight and all day for so much fun!  Family is so special....time goes by and then you are gone.  Make the most of it.  Easter blessings, forgive and go on.  I have.

Update on Dyeing Class

Dyeing Class was a huge success, our students were fabulous and want more!!

Here are some of mine and then a few from students!

I'm dyeing to do more!

Happy Colors,

Pamie G.