28 March 2017

I'm Dyeing to know you....

Barb and I are teaching a fabric dyeing class with Acrylics and Fabric Textile Medium mixed with Water next month.  Last week we made stamps, dyed white sheet fabric using just two Acrylic paints in pink and purple.  We had a ball and learned a lot in doing a mock class.  We have planned everything at this point and feel like we are ready for our ten students in April.  This is going to be fun and the first of a series of dyeing classes. 
I'm dyeing to know you....

04 March 2017

Spring time in the Hill Country

Hubby and I have been working really hard since Spring has arrived.  We are so blessed that our prayers have been answered and he is doing well and back to doing the things he loves!  Our next hurdle will be in May for our precious granddaughter!  We have major celebrations planned, God willing!  I hope the snow is melting where you are and you see signs of spring as well.  Have a beautiful day!
Florida Early Peach Trees have fruited!

Loquat tree has emerged in his beautiful glory, hopefully fruit this year!

Even our palm trees are blooming!

Knockout Roses are in full bloom all over the neighborhood

Onions are coming up from the winter, I planted 18 tomato plants and two jalapeno plants
Lot's of salsa being made for the family this year - we enjoy it so much!

My little trio of raised beds.  Center Bed is waiting for temps to go up a little at night so I can plant seeds.  Soil needs to be at least 60 degrees, not quite there yet!

Cleaned out my herb bed, planted some different types of thyme, I use it so much in cooking!

Seeds of carrots in but waiting for warmer soil for my zukes, cukes and squash!  And of course okra for my famous gumbo!

A second bed of tomatoes, have to go get more cages today!

Dwarf (8ft) Papaya planted in the little alchove by the waterfall on the pool.  Hoping it is a female so we can have fruit, but if not, it is still beautifully tropical!

Banana Trees going in!

Satsuma Orange Tree going in.  I have one in the front (we harvested 22 oranges last fall) so trying one around the pool!

Satsuma Orange Tree

Beds cleaned out and ready to go.  Orange Tree in the corner survived (it is subtropical) but protected by the concrete foundation and the deck! 

Hubby and I are building individual panels putting in a new fence around the pool.  It is a lot of work but it is so rewarding!  I am so proud of this fabulous man I am married to!

Fence looking out on the ridge

The cedar posts (there are four of them) will be a pergola with a closed roof over the concrete benches around the fire pit.  We will build that once the fence is done.  All posts are concreted in.

It is so rewarding to do this ourselves.  The most rewarding part is having our kids and grandkids be with us here.  We love making memories with the ones that love us!

God is great.  Make it a wonderful day....we make our own happiness thru Jesus Christ!

Pamie G.