09 January 2017

Studio Love and Hubby Love

It's been almost a year since I stopped using my studio and took care of my sweet husband after he fell off of a ladder.  Yesterday, I packed up 22 bags of sewing stuff from my master bedroom and loaded it up and carried it down to begin redoing my studio.  I could not spend any time down there because he could not let anything bump his new elbow and plates in his arm.  Also, we have two dogs that he could not chance getting bumped by these big girls.  I am excited to say that he beat the promised 80% usage by his surgeon (I think his Dr. was smart and said you can have more, depending on how hard you work), not to mention the patients at The Center for the Intrepid being his mentors (incredible motivation there)  and he now has 90% and is golfing again, praise God!!!

I am so excited to have my new Bernina 790 set up in her new home and waiting for the long list of "things I want to make".  My granddaughter has a few items on that list and I am excited to have a Pinterest folder full of free Wellie Wishers patterns for her AG doll, Willa, that we got her for Christmas.  I am hoping to also get some gifts done for my new Gift Closet along with making some fabric cards to go with gifts.  This year's word is Forgiveness and part of that word is Giving, the part that is easy for me.  I love to give at random times to people who need a little "pick me up" or just for nothing.  I'm still working on the beginning of that word...well I should say God is working on me!!!

I am headed down for three days of cleaning, organizing and preparing a haven for crafts.  I hope your day is filled with love and happiness! 

Happy Sewing, Pamie G.

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