26 January 2017

Home Sweet Home

I made this when I was 25 years old.  My son was three.  Lord, how much more simple life was back then.  However, I do still believe that sentiment, Home Sweet Home.   The beauty of now is they are older, wiser and we more children that have their own children.  Our home is still the same "Home Sweet Home".   I share it with a great man, husband, father, Papa, Brother, Uncle and friend.  My best friend.  We love ALL our children very much.  We don't always agree with them and they don't always agree with us but we love them deeply.  We love our family and more than anything it the world, having them come to our home and having fun is a treasure.  Just like my memories as a child.  I remember we always went to my Grandparents home to have meals, etc. out of respect for them and they were the Patriarch of our Family.  We still believe that way.  Family is a gift from God.  It feels good to go home to SC and walk thru the home of my Grandparents and cherish all those memories. 

My husband always says about our grandchildren....we are in the business of making Memories.

22 January 2017

I am proud to be an American on the this day and every day!  Prayers for President Trump and his family as he is our leader in this great country!  Turn off the naysayers, turn your back on the bullies and stand proud to be an American!  It is your opinion and your opinion only and close out the bully who wants to badger you.  The amount of hate being spewed in this country today is a direction correlation of bad leadership.  We are further apart today then we have been in eight years.  God Bless American and God Bless President Trump and Vice President Pence!!

09 January 2017

Studio Love and Hubby Love

It's been almost a year since I stopped using my studio and took care of my sweet husband after he fell off of a ladder.  Yesterday, I packed up 22 bags of sewing stuff from my master bedroom and loaded it up and carried it down to begin redoing my studio.  I could not spend any time down there because he could not let anything bump his new elbow and plates in his arm.  Also, we have two dogs that he could not chance getting bumped by these big girls.  I am excited to say that he beat the promised 80% usage by his surgeon (I think his Dr. was smart and said you can have more, depending on how hard you work), not to mention the patients at The Center for the Intrepid being his mentors (incredible motivation there)  and he now has 90% and is golfing again, praise God!!!

I am so excited to have my new Bernina 790 set up in her new home and waiting for the long list of "things I want to make".  My granddaughter has a few items on that list and I am excited to have a Pinterest folder full of free Wellie Wishers patterns for her AG doll, Willa, that we got her for Christmas.  I am hoping to also get some gifts done for my new Gift Closet along with making some fabric cards to go with gifts.  This year's word is Forgiveness and part of that word is Giving, the part that is easy for me.  I love to give at random times to people who need a little "pick me up" or just for nothing.  I'm still working on the beginning of that word...well I should say God is working on me!!!

I am headed down for three days of cleaning, organizing and preparing a haven for crafts.  I hope your day is filled with love and happiness! 

Happy Sewing, Pamie G.

03 January 2017

New Year - my word....

I love the new trend of having a word that carries you thru the beginning of the year and on thru out the whole year instead of New Year's Resolutions.  My word this year is FORGIVENESS.  I am going to work on forgiveness for those who have hurt me and forgive myself for joining in all the drama that people cause.  I want to be closer to God and take part of my word "GIVE" and really work on just randomly giving things to people.  Whether it be love, time or little gifts here and there, giving is so much better than receiving. 

It was almost one year ago that my sweet husband had his horrible injury.  God has been so good to us and guided him to a 90% success rate at the Center for the Intrepid rather than the 80% they first said he would have.  I think it was all the beautiful soldiers there rehabilitating that kept my husband's spirits up.  That and the love of our family....we sure wrapped our arms around him this year.  He is doing so well, back to trying to get healthy and the best part, he can golf again too!!

We celebrated our 25 years of marriage this year.  We had big plans but five months of intense Occupational Therapy kept us close to home but that's alright.  I remember his surgeon saying that he was lucky, most people had brain injuries or broken backs from this type of fall.  Again, GOD is GOOD!!!

Christmas....my sweet husband bought me a dream machine, something I had always wanted but could not see the extra money even though it was far better made than most machines. Just like Swiss Watches, Bernina is the Cadillac of sewing and I am a proud owner of their best!  The girls at the Bernina store have plans for me to teach there once I learn the Bernina way (entirely different way of sewing).  I am so happy!!! 

The other plans I have are to basically bare bones my home....I am selling a lot of stuff....I no longer feel compelled to have all those decorations.  Family is so more important than any one THING!
I spent yesterday in the garage and on our garage sale fb for the neighborhood and got rid of so much....this is awesome

I can hardly wait to get to the studio for a solid week this upcoming week and gift away!!!

What is your word?

01 January 2017

2017 - Family

Happy New Year from our Family to yours!  We brought in the New Year with our precious kids and grandkids that love us and want to spend time with us!  We had such a wonderful day and night and New Year's Day.  We are so blessed to have such a close knit family and we all vow to have an even better year bringing all of us that love each other together!  God is so good....this is going to be our year to celebrate "A" final chemo rounds and a summer celebration to be in the headlines of our best times!!  We have a year of love to look forward to!

Hope your year is great too.....Pamie G.