30 December 2016

The last three months

have been fast paced, blessings, love and many family members coming together so we can enjoy our family as a whole....the new year has so many promises and God is at the helm.  We have placed him there this year and we have been blessed.  God is so good!  Tomorrow will be the last day of the year.  We will do what we do every single year and spend the entire day with our loved ones, having fun, laughing and enjoying each other.  We love you all....wherever you are, our hearts are always with you even if you are not!  Happy New Year.....  2017 will be awesome! 

27 December 2016

Christmas Fun and Birthday Blessings!

Our Family enjoyed a beautiful Christmas together.  We are so blessed to have Amanda doing well and the love of our family enjoying the time that we spend together.  Although we miss those that that are not with us, we will always remember them at Christmas and every day of the year.  God is so good and we are all sinners!  The best part of Christmas is Jesus' birthday and we are humble in his eyes as we celebrate his birth!  Jesus is born!

23 December 2016

Birthday Love

A very special Birthday greeting for tomorrow for my BFF Linda Lee.  I have so much to do that I don't want to miss it so doing it today!  You are and always has been my beautiful best friend since 7th grade.  I can hardly wait to see you this summer.

Happy Birthday BFF, I love you!!!

17 December 2016

12 December 2016

Christmas is happening...

I just love Christmas....the birth of Jesus, children laughing, families getting together, friends enjoying lunch together, football games, busy schedules, but we never forget that the real reason for the season, Jesus Christ, our Savior is born, such a beautiful celebration....