08 August 2016

Prayers for a new friend....

Prayers of Hope even in the darkest hour....Please pray for this new friend who has lost hope and needs healing prayers.

Today was my annual labs so I fasted and arrived at the base at around 9:30 with a tremendous headache.  Usually by 9:30 I have been up for four hours, walked and had about three cups of coffee.  Labs are 12 viles, fasting....so sadly, I can't have coffee.

When I walked in, I sat next to a woman about my age, very thin and had a faint smile.  I told her I had a headache from no caffeine and she said I should just have one cup of black coffee before I come and that it would be okay.  She is a family doctor.  She said she has headaches from her chemo...and from there we talked about her and chemo, ports, etc. and my granddaughter "A".  She was only given 30 days to live when diagnosed but she wanted a second opinion, etc.  So more labs, more prodding, more doubt....but can't forget God in these bad times.   She feels hope slipping away.  Since we were both are Southern girls, I know that God put me right there beside her this morning. We cried together and I prayed so hard all day for her.  Prayer for her to feel God's love and healing and hope that God has her life in his hands and he would love her and take care of her.  I prayed for her to feel better, spiritually and physically.  I felt the prescence of God's power placing me there with her.  I know he is trying to tell me something and I should listen....someone special needs help.

If you pray, please do for Rebecca....

In God's name I pray....Pamie G.

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  1. I have just prayed for Rebecca. I too think God sent you to her. : )