04 August 2016

It's really final...

Sadly, I pulled all of my tomato plants out of the garden today.  I was so blessed to have an abundance of hot peppers and tomatoes for over 40 jars of salsa this spring and summer.  Above is the last ones I processed yesterday and I made these "firey" hot for our sons and my hubby....they love it hot!  It has been a bountiful growing season, thank you our Lord and Savior for the blessings.  Next year I plan on only planting regular size tomatoes in various name brands for putting up.  I am skipping the Fall growing season for the early vegetables as we have late summer travel plans and will put my garden in late Fall for the winter vegetables.  Have a blessed day!  Pamie G.


  1. Something that your tomatoes are all gone already and our plants are just getting green tomatoes on it. : )

  2. I know...we are in such opposite seasons...almost like Australia!! teehee Love you!