18 August 2016

F - A - M - I - L - Y

Today was our annual back to school shopping trip with my sweet Granddaughters.  It was fun to have both girls pick out two outfits each and then we went to Starbucks for Cake Pops and then met Mama and Daddy and brother "J" for lunch at Chuys!!  M is off at college practice in the marching band so we missed him!  This weekend will be our traditional back to school dinner out at our special place with our family.   Our family loves "tradition"!    I love that our kids and grand kids never seem to forget.  And in saying that Nana and Papa will be arriving with doughnuts their first day of school.  I am sure we will all be standing in tears as "A" boards her school bus for the first time.  God is so good, we are so blessed to have a strong protective family.  I pray for her to have a safe and germ free (as possible) year and less visits to the hospital.  In God's Name I pray!  Pamie G.

Beautiful photo sessions with H and A while we were trying on dresses, friends and family can see those on our Facebook and Family site.

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