12 July 2016

It's that time again...

Time to start thinking about Fall Planting in Texas Zone 3

Tomatoes July 25
Pumpkins August 1

Pull out Determinate Tomato Plants and cut back Indeterminate ones, Till bed and get ready!
Today was my last day for Summer harvest with 10 pounds of tomatoes, 2 lbs of onions, and about 2 lbs of peppers.  Next up Figs this Fall from my massive Fig Tree by the Deck.  I can stand on the deck and pick them!  I can hardly wait to try and make Fig Newtons.
Garden for your Family, you know what is going into your Veggies and Fruits!
Happy Gardening, Pamie G.

God Bless!!


  1. Your ready for the next planting and I'm still waiting for my garden to start producing. : )

    1. I noticed you still have chilly mornings....we are so opposite weather wise! Miss you! Pam