28 July 2016

Scrappy Quilter Embroidery Club - Learning how to do Cutwork

We had Embroidery Club and the Ladies really enjoyed making monogrammed napkins, coasters and tea towels.  Such joy being with so many enthusiastic women who are kind and have such willingness to learn.  The world should be full of women like this instead of negative, vindictive clans.  Always praying for the positive in life!  God is good, all the time!  Happy Sewing, Pamie G.

24 July 2016

Friendship and Fiber Arts

This weekend was awesome weekend in New Braunfels at the Great New Braunfels Area Quiltfest.  I worked with Janie in her booth and it was amazing watching her demo to the public.  She stayed in my studio for the weekend and in the evenings we enjoyed dinner with my hubby, time in the pool and then instruction in my studio.  I loved learning how to using lot's of tools and fiber arts.  I am excited to have a week of practicing what I have learned and working with my good friend Terry with the Ovarian Cancer Quilt Block swap.  I hope your week is filled with joy and love with your family!  God Bless you and yours....Pamie G.

20 July 2016

Ovarian Cancer

If you are a quilter, please consider joining this Teal Mini Swap.  It is so much fun to get your block done and also give one all while you are donating to find a cure for this horrible disease that affects many women.  God Bless you!  Pamie G.


Summer is almost over for my Grandchildren.  One will be moving on to college, two will be in Band Camp so only one more week left for them and then there is our youngest granddaughter, "A" who has been a brave butterfly, battling Leukemia with all her might!  Papa and I are so very proud of them and they are bright and shining stars!

Yesterday we had a ball with their Mom and I taking them to the base Bowling Alley.  I love to hear their laughter.  It is amazing the way the four of them interact.  Well done C/S!

I hope you got to spend time with your Grands this summer.....they are our future and I love the way our future is looking with them at the helm....just not sure about the rest of the world, prayers!

God Bless you and keep you safe!

Making memories.....is what life is all about!  God Bless you and keep you safe!  Pamie G.

17 July 2016

Dragon Tissue Culture

I have been studying Plant Propagation via Tissue Culture.  When I was in Disney World, Epcot Greenhouse "behind the scenes tour" in Feburary, I was able to learn about Tissue Culture plant propagation.  I brought home 1/8" tissue culture from their Parent Plant Dragon Fruit Tree.   I transferred the "now grown up" tissue culture to a dome cover potting media and now it stays under the dome for ten days.  After that I can put in outside on the backporch.  I really wanted this plant so when we turn the backporch into an extension of our LR this Fall, it can live in the corner.  I hope the plant survives....I look at it every day and followed the class instruction.  Wish me luck!!

Saying goodbye....

Saturday morning I said goodbye to this year's garden except for my Indeterminate Tomato Plants and my Jalapeno Plants.  Today after morning devotional, I will till the garden beds and ready them for pumpkin seeds and Fall Tomatoes!

I picked clean all the tomatoes and got to work in the kitchen making some powerful hot salsa for our annual trip to the beach this Fall.  I am glad C/S like hot salsa! 

It's funny I long for the summer and when the dog days of summer start to affect your body, we long for the beautiful Fall and rain.  This is why I am so amazed at being a Christian.  God provides such wonders for our earth and we continue to abuse it.  Lord, help me to keep my life clean, including my thoughts and words!

I have a very busy week coming up with work and play with the grands!  I hope your week is awesome.  God Bless! Pamie G.

12 July 2016

It's that time again...

Time to start thinking about Fall Planting in Texas Zone 3

Tomatoes July 25
Pumpkins August 1

Pull out Determinate Tomato Plants and cut back Indeterminate ones, Till bed and get ready!
Today was my last day for Summer harvest with 10 pounds of tomatoes, 2 lbs of onions, and about 2 lbs of peppers.  Next up Figs this Fall from my massive Fig Tree by the Deck.  I can stand on the deck and pick them!  I can hardly wait to try and make Fig Newtons.
Garden for your Family, you know what is going into your Veggies and Fruits!
Happy Gardening, Pamie G.

God Bless!!

09 July 2016

Doodle Pooling

Love our Doodles!  They are looking for Hannah....where did she go?

06 July 2016

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!!!

Today, 25 years ago, I married my best friend. This morning, when I came into the Living Room, these two precious gifts were sitting on the sofa.  You are a hopeless Romantic and a great Husband, Father, Papa, Brother, Uncle and Friend.  My life has been wonderful with you and I look forward to the next twenty-five.  Thank you for being at the head of our Family and being a strong loving Christian Man.   I love you SM....forever yours, HB

05 July 2016

July 4th....100 degrees and Family......God is good!

We had a wonderful time celebrating our country's birthday with our precious Family!
Happy Birthday America!