16 May 2016




the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.
  • shrubs or trees clipped into ornamental shapes:
    "a cottage surrounded by topiary and flowers"

I have been studying Topiary for a couple of months.  I just finished reading James Cramer's Seasons at Seven Gates Farm.   James Cramer is an avid Topiary artist and in this book he gives instructions on how to "topiary" a Myrtle Shrub.  So I found one at a nursery and followed his instructions.  I am so excited and hope I have the patience it takes to enjoy this old art form. 

According to Wikipedia, Topiary began here:

European topiary dates from Roman times. Pliny's Natural History and the epigram writer Martial both credit Cnaeus Matius Calvinus, in the circle of Julius Caesar, with introducing the first topiary to Roman gardens, and Pliny the Younger describes in a letter the elaborate figures of animals, inscriptions, cyphers and obelisks in clipped greens at his Tuscan villa (Epistle vi, to Apollinaris). Within the atrium of a Roman house or villa, a place that had formerly been quite plain, the art of the topiarius produced a miniature landscape (topos) which might employ the art of stunting trees, also mentioned, disapprovingly, by Pliny (Historia Naturalis xii.6).

I will update this as the topiaries grow!  I was able to get four branch cuttings from the shrub and followed instructions on the initial center branch of the tree.

Happy Gardening and God Bless!  Pamie G.

James Cramer's Topiary Trees from Seven Gates Farms book

My first Topiary

Try your hand at this old art!!

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