11 May 2016

Peaches everywhere....

My neighbor and I cleaned my peaches off the trees on Tuesday.  We had so much fun laughing and holding on to each other to keep from falling!  I would say in total I got a harvest of about 500 peaches from two trees this year.  That is not bad for only the third year.  We were blessed with chill hours low enough to get them ready before the heat sets in!  I made my chicken squash casserole for dinner for my neighbors and had it ready when they arrived back home from Houston and their Father's funeral.  For dessert I tried a new recipe with Peaches of course; Upside Down Peach Cake. 
Now all the peaches sit on my counter.  It is going to be a "putting up" and jam making day at Hill Country Retreat.  God Bless, Pamie G.

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