28 May 2016

More Woodworking lessons....

My sweet hubby instructed me on the Miter Saw again today and also I learned how to use a Jig Saw.  It was a blast.  Since Hubby is not able to help very much, I can do everything if he tells me how and then he can use his one arm to help a little.  This is really helping to keep his spirits up during Occupational Therapy.  Thank you Lord for his doctors and The Center for the Intrepid.  It is a long road but we are climbing!  Our oldest son will be here this weekend to help him with some cabinets.  We are so blessed to have him help us out.  He is busy with four children and we know his time is precious! 

Remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep us free.

God Bless....Pamie G.

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