18 May 2016

Citrus Growing and Review on The Natural Gardener in Austin, Texas

On Tuesday, neighbor friends and gardeners alike, set out to The Natural Gardener nursery in Austin, Texas.  What a delight this nursery was and it was amazing how well taken care of it is, ample staff working and able to answer all our questions.  We also attended a FREE Citrus Class given by Jeff Farris, whom is also an employee, master gardener and a fabulous speaker. 

I was especially interested in Fairy Gardening and you will not find another nursery that is so well stocked with Fairy Gardening ideas, etc.  Two thumbs up for mini gardening and I am sure my granddaughters will get a kick out of our new Fairy Garden!

A huge surprise was the Nursery allows pets and humans alike and you can actually bring your lunch and picnic in the gardens!  There are actual "real" gardens  planted all through out the nursery!

Citrus Gardening class really gave me a whole new look at properly growing citrus in pots as well as in the ground.  Two major things I learned was this:
1/  You can never over fertilize a citrus tree! 1 cup per month for the first year, 2 cups for the second year each month and a whopping 4 cups in year 3 and after.  Always a good nitrogen and as far as NPK....skip the P and K in fertilizers!  (I am headed out this morning to fertilize four citrus trees, hope I have enough!!!
2/  As far as cold weather, Citrus NEVER like it, use foam tubing from the plumbing department to protect it as well as tiny NON LED lights wrapped around the tree giving it an extra ten degrees to protect it from the cold freezing temps.

Kudos to The Natural Gardener in Austin....I just wish you were closer!!

Happy Gardening and God Bless!!  Pamie G.

Here is the link to the Nursery where you can find the address and it's calendar!


A+ for this Nursery

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