03 May 2016

Building your own Farm Table

Wood working is something I really never had any interest in.  Sure, there are many things I would love to have built, i.e., pallet rebirths, etc.  However, with my hubby recuperating at home, the small woodworking honey do list that my husband has hidden somewhere is coming alive.  He is teaching me woodworking.  So far, I have learned how to use many tools and a fabulous miter saw.  We are setting up our new garage which has a bar on one side and a gardening/potting room on the front and a tool room with cabinets in the back portion for my husband. 

I have been studying antique potting rooms for years and it is finally coming to fruition on our property.  I have finished the wall for my sinks, soil table, etc. and now the room divider will be my farm table.  It was so awesome to build and with an awesome teacher, I accomplished exactly what I wanted and used reclaimed barn wood from my old garden! We are making a bench for my grandchildren to sit on while they join me in our seeding adventures!    You can do it....just try!!

I also made steps to go down to the Pergola area since we had the hot tub moved to our son's house. 

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  1. Wow what a great looking table!! I'm impressed.