29 April 2016

Sunflower Days In The Hill Country is alive and well.....

After a couple of years, I am back at blogging.  I hope to share my hobbies with you and pass along helpful hints that I learn by reading and researching about my favorite hobbies.  This is not a family blog but our Family may show up from time to time if participating in my hobbies.

What do I love to do with my time other than my most favorites, God and Family:

1.  Gardening is probably my most favorite and I am right in the middle of one of the best gardening seasons I have ever experienced.
2.  Quilting and Sewing is something I tend to enjoy much more these days since I have finally found my creative side which is "if you don't like it, create your own".  Don't be afraid, you will be surprised what hidden talents you have!
3.  Decorating -- I have finally gotten to the point in my life where less is better and with having so much, getting to less is better is a TASK on it's own.  You just have to put one foot in front of the other!
4.  Woodwork....brand new hobby.  My sweet hubby got seriously injured recently and he is teaching me how to make tables, etc. while he is recuperating at home.  Month two is passing and I have learned so much with a Drill, Wood, Miter Saw and whatever new fun item I can pair with wood to make something awesome.
5.  Reading is still one of my favorites and I enjoy a private book club in my neighborhood.  The sky is the limit and reading can take you anywhere you want to go...
6.  Electrical ....I enjoyed basic electrical in school when it was another option instead of Home Economics.  But now, again with hubby recuperating, he has taught me how to install lights, etc.  I love it, scared of it and find it satisfying to accomplish it.
7.  Shell Seeking -- one of the most peaceful things I can do....I love the beach, enough said.
8.  Bible Journaling - this has been one of the most eye opening gifts that God brought to me...it has saved me.
9.  Zentangle and Coloring -  I belong to an international group that does this and if you can't relax, do this, it will literally put you in the best place....
10. Cooking - yes I think ...yes in fact, my favorite.  Honestly I have learned that you can be the best cook ever....you don't have to try very hard.  Just like gardening, it has to be interesting to you and you can't fear cooking.....test the limits, create new things, share....  Segway to Share.....Sharing is probably my God given right.  I love to share all my hobbies with others so just in case one has that tiny little interest and can't get started, I can be here to encourage you.
11.  Soap and lotion bar crafts and just crafts in general...so much fun!

There probably is more but I have to accomplish at least one of them at least while it is still day light....

I am so happy to be back.  I wish you a beautiful God loving day.  Pamie G.