14 August 2017

Jeeple are my People....

This past weekend we joined three other jeep clubs (Austin, Houston and San Antonio) with our son and his family for a beautiful celebration of Luke returning from his second round of chemo and radiation and being anointed an honorary member of the Austin Darkside Jeep Club.  It was amazing to join in line with 47 other jeeps for this beautiful celebration.  There was so much joy with the Luke and his family and an amazing display of Jeep love, back to school gifts, etc.  Jeeple People are the best!  I am so glad we joined this wonderful group of people in this world!

19 July 2017

Harvesting Figs and Making Jam!

Figs are coming ALOT!!  I put up seven jars of Strawberry and Fig jam tonight.....omg, it was so delicious!  I have one tree by the deck and one tree by the studio.  This is just the first rush, the brown figs come twice before frost!!   The Brown Fig is doing great, the LSU purple fig has been a crappy fruit tree since day one.  I am giving it one more year and then it is firewood!  Brown Fig is an American favorite, I am going to plant more of that variety!
Tomorrow's lunch, Honey Peanut Butter and homemade jam and a stop off to my grandkids to give them a couple of jars!

11 July 2017


Stopped in to see my Grand kids today!  They are the happiest foursome.  I love them so much.  God has blessed us with the sweetest and kindest grandchildren!  MiJoHaAm....you rock!  Our lives are better because you are in it!  Nana and Papa

06 July 2017

Florida and California Visitors

How nice of you to visit...leave a note next time!  :)

26th Anniversary - Still Growing Strong every day

Today we celebrate our 26th Anniversary.  You are my very best friend, a wonderful husband, Father and Papa and loved by many.  You are a great man and I am so very blessed to have you by my side.  I love you my sweet caring husband!