14 June 2017

A beautiful Lady

This is our DIL....she is amazing, a wonderful Mom, a wonderful Nurse, a beautiful friend.  I can hardly wait to spend a week with her shortly doing what we love best, being with family and being in the best place in the world, the beach and my home beach at that!  Celebration time for my sweet youngest Granddaughter, CANCER FREE!  God has blessed us and protected us!  God is GREAT!

Counting our blessings....

04 June 2017

Happiness - I bet we could all recommend this article to someone we know!


27 May 2017

God is good.....our Family Blessing Today

Today was a day for our Family, we all united at the hospital for God's richest blessing and an answer to our Prayers.....Thank you God, we are forever blessed by you.  A family that prays together stays together.    Thank you Jesus!

21 May 2017

Children and our Hearts

Got a sweet note from Rowan's Mommy, my neighbor, to wish Mandy the best on her final test and for our family celebration.  It is so conflicting to celebrate when a Mother has lost her child.  Lord, please wrap your arms around her today and every day.

19 May 2017

Team Mandy

Team Mandy is preparing for an awesome event.  God has watched over our precious youngest grandchild and has been with all Mandy thru to today, her last treatment.  In just one week, the family will all come together and ring the bell.  GOD IS GREAT!!!!

17 May 2017

Canning time

Time to stock up for the beach this summer....canning time, my tomatoes are coming in like crazy and it is raining today, what a blessing!  I will have plenty to share with my beautiful kids!